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sebring winn dixie weekly ad The shopping cart can be used free of charge, on the condition returned to his place after paying at the checkout.
Let’s go shopping!

One corner in the supermarket is the storefront Tofu (Tofu). “Tsukuru Monogatari” is a private brand issued by Ito Yokado itself. So in general, every supermarket has a personal brand or trade marks which are only sold in their supermarkets.
“Tofu-ya no IJI (pride of Tukan Tofu) moment” for 128 yen is good to eat just like that without any enhancement.

And this is the corner where Natto aligned. There Natto are sold at reasonable prices, for example, 95 yen for 3 Natto box, some are a little expensive at 300 yen to 2 Natto box only. This difference is due basically Natto has many types.

Go to the corner of seafood. There sashimi (fish fillets are served raw) sold here too you know!

No lag, mochi (Japanese rice cake / like rice cake) are also sold here. Usually, the new year approaching, more and more mochi provided by the supermarket.
Corner of vegetables and side dishes

Align neatly here, groceries are usually eaten with rice Japanese people, in other words, side dishes and vegetables. Here available nikujaga (meat and potato dish), salad, Onigiri (rice balls), and some other fast food that can be enjoyed without the need to be processed again.